Italian cowhide has always been an indication of luxury and professionalism when it comes to fashion and furniture. A household salesman once told me: “Our sofas are at a high-end product line, not only because of its sophisticated design and delicate seams, but also of high-standardmaterials - Italian cowhide. It is very prevailing capturingyoung people dressed in stylish trends wearing leather jackets, leather boots with a bit of classic breath deriving from ancient and modernstylesat the same time. Cowhide fashion has thrived itself in our world in the most unprecedented light.

If you are wondering where to make a purchase of high quality Italian cowhide or just curious to employ more about this classy material, Greenmoss is pleased to show you top five reasons of Why Italian cowhide is still regarded as the finest leather in the world:


1) The incredible ancient tradition

The superb quality of Italian leather is one of the reasons for its popularity. Italian leather stock is made with more skill and attention to details than practically any other comparable leather product in the world. This implies that only the finest skins are utilized. Leathermaking has been practiced in Italy for over a century. Craftspeople there learn their skills in dedicated trade schools under the direction of the old world’s masters. Tuscany by far has relaunched worldwide the prestige of Tuscan handcrafted production.One very interesting thing about it is that the small town where we buy our leather consists of several companies, each specialized in a specific part of the tanning process. Every small company competes to be the one that takes care of its specialization. Skins move from specialist to specialist, receiving the best possible treatment there is for every part of the process. That long heritage and infrastructure has resulted in a wealth of generational knowledge about raising cattle and hide selection. Tanneries in the country, meanwhile, use precise, time-tested manufacturing techniques to guarantee hides will have a smooth, even thickness, to allow for straight, neat stitching.




Most importantly, while the global leather industry today is increasingly technology-driven, Italian artisans rely on a blend of high-tech innovations and human expertise and instinct. This gives their leather a smooth, malleable feel as well as a distinct earthy aroma, making it ideal for the meticulous handcrafting of high-end goods.


2) Cattle raise

The material quality and characteristics vary based on from where in the hide the finished leather comes from. Leather quality can also be influenced by many, many factors. These can include the breed of animal, climate they lived in, food they are fed, and amount of exercise they had. Hides are a natural material, and thus, highly impacted by the life of the animals that they come from.

Cattle in Italy are reared in an ideal setting with warm weather that is not as hot as in Asia. They are given extra attention and fed a particular diet in order to generate the greatest and healthiest inputs.

3) Leather resilience

Cowhide or leather products from Italy are famous for their highest durability compared to other leather lines in the world. The use of their renowned tanning formula has made Italian leather products resilient and non-fading withstand any wear and tear. “The more Italian cowhide is used, the more beautiful and durable it will be just as its stories will stay on your journey”, said one expert.




4) Italian cowhides in fashion and furniture

It’s Timeless Fashion! You’ll see Italian leather on the most exclusive fashion runways. This material practically drips style and sophistication, and it continues to be one of the most well-loved materials in fashion design. Despite being around for a long time, cowhide fashion has always had a strong foothold in couture.

When you are ready to spend amount on a plush coach for your classy house, the first thing that springs to your mind is the sophisticated high-standard material. Italian cowhide is always a sought-after material by most furniture manufacturers to be fashioned in muititude of products that represents their professionalism and prestige of high-end furniture.


5) Easy Maintenance

Preserving the beauty of Italian cowhide is very simple. Constantly cleaning handbags and purses can be a chore. Italian leather on the other hand, reduces the drudgery. In fact, aging only adds to the beauty and uniqueness of Italian leather. It can be easily cleaned on with a damp cloth forms time to time, but isn’t always necessary. We already have a detailed article for this.


Greenmoss has long been honored to be Vietnam's premier premium Italian cowhide supplier. Our items are completely made in Italy with Italian technology and by renowned Italian professionals at the most affordable costs. We wish to congratulate you if you're seeking for high-quality Italian cowhide leather, because "Here we are!" Greenmoss' showroom is always open for you to come in and enjoy the highest quality.


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