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Since 2018, GreenMoss Co., Ltd officially held commercial activities for Dona Que Bang as a subsidiary which directly provides cowhide products with high Italian standard. 

Dona Que Bang Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1999, located on 204,000 sqm plot of land in Dong Nai province of Vietnam. From the very first days, Dona Que Bang has collaborated with Rinomastrotto Group in manufacturing and distribution of fine Italian standard leather beyond the border. It was not until 2014 that JBS Group replaced Rinomastrotto Group to take over the position of Dona Que Bang's new partner on the road to success. We take prides in ourselves that Dona Que Bang has own the largest Italian cowhide manufacturer in SEA for the pasting years with 6 millions sqft quantities of luxury cowhide monthly.

Proactive efforts in machining has made GreenMoss a point of the distinguished supplier and the leading Italian technology cowhide wholesale partner of leather traders in Vietnam. Greenmoss has stood out over time thanks to constant model innovation and the capability to anticipate the new trends of style, applying its know-how to the specific requests of any single field of application. In that manner, despite having just expanded retailed section in the meantime, we have proved that Greenmoss is a trustworthy companion of sofa, footwear, bag and car interior industries thanks to its premium Italian - made cowhide at the most reasonable cost.

"Our mission: We provide the most high - end cowhide commodity at the most affordable price for all of our customers."

"Our vision: We are on the journey to be the first cowhide distributor in customers' mind when it comes to prestige and satisfation."





Leather is perhaps one of the oldest materials of human in the world. Dated back in the Primtive Times when people started to make use of leather for keeping warm till the time when beauty plays a vital role in everyone's mind from tiny elegant accessories to bags, purses, comfortable car seats and marvelous modern sofas in our home. 

We love animals. Being employed in the cowhide processing and trading market is a business that we take seriously. The truth is that people slaughter animals for beef, and the skin would have had to be treated to avoid polluting the environment if there hadn't been a tanning industry. In this way, we are operating in a societally beneficial sector.

In the aim at having high standard leather goods, we need cows that have been raised in good conditions, as well as consistent tanning and surface treatments like printing. People also consider Italian tanning technology to be the best in the world. And our factory, which has been in operation since 2000 and has been continually evolving and upgrading by the best Italian artisans over the years. We are really proud of ourselves as a waving flag in cowhide manufacturing not only in Vietnam but also in Asia.

Cooperating with our precious consumers to offer quality leather goods is our noble prize. Together, we will thrive in this energetic market place and head to success.

We truly appreciate you - our customers. May you happiness, health and prosperities.

Kindly regards!






Address: 54 Bis Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street,

Da Kao Ward, Distric 1, HCM City

Hotline: (+84) 918 852 258

Email: nhambtg@tsgvietnam.com

Website: greenmoss.vn

Fanpage: @greenmossvietnam


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